EST. 1974

Pylarinos Advertising

Member of the Association of Advertising Companies of Northern Greece, based in Thessaloniki
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We provide comprehensive advertising services that start from the study of the products or services, proceed to the design of the advertising campaign strategy elements,  to selection of the Media Channels to be used, based on the defined target audience that will receive the message, and finally, the execution of advertising campaigns, as well as in the scientific evaluation of the success of a campaign with surveys and detailed reporting.

At PYLARINOS ADVERTISING we have privately owned facilities and all the proper equipment that allow us the creation of visuals and all kinds of work required to fulfill the clients' advertising goals. We also invest in human resources of young professionals with fresh ideas and dynamism, able to support the visibility of the modern demanding market.

Our philosophy can be summed up in a few words. We believe in the modern communication with passion that brings great results.